Best Free Video Editor of 2019: For PC and Smartphone

Finding the right video editor can be a very difficult task. Especially when you have to consider that the quality that a free editor has, can vary depending on the device that you are downloading and using this particular app. So, we have decided to make this search a little easier for you. We have compiled some of the best free video editors that you can download, so hopefully you can find the right one for you.

? Best Free Editors for Windows

If you looking for the best free video editor for Windowa, here are some great options for you:

#1 VSDC:

This one is considered one of the best video editors that you can find for Windows that also happens to be completely free. You can use it to add lines of text, even shapes or animation to make the video a lot more interesting.
There are a lot more features to choose from, but what you have to know about this editor, is that is a little complex, so if you are a beginner you might have some trouble working with it.

#2 Openshot

What makes this free editor great, is the fact that it includes desktop integration, this way you can just drag the video that you want to edit and start adding and everything that you need to edit.
Here you will have the chance to resize every clip, trim the length of the video, and even audio mixing and much more.

#3 Freemake Video Converter

This video editor is completely simple, so because of this anyone that doesn’t really have too much experience with any editors can find the right way to use without trouble.
Here you will be able to do light editing and once you are done you can convert the video into any format that you want, or if this is what you want you can even burn the files directly to a disc.

? Best Free video editor for Android

If you want to edit anywhere with your phone, this are the best free video editors for Android that you can find:

#1 ActionDirector:

Even though this is a very well-known video editor in PC, you are also able to find it available on Android. Even though it doesn’t include the most complex features that you can think about, you will find all of the basics.
From things like import clips, edit them, and render the video, you can even add your own music and trim and cut the video, it also supports 4K video so you’ll have a better quality.

#2 Filmora Go

Here you can do the basics, things like cut, render and more. You also will have the ability to do square videos which means that is framed for Instagram, and also 16:9 videos, which are perfect to upload to YouTube.
It also supports things like slow motion, transitions, overlays, music and much more.

#3 KineMaster

This one can do all of the basics like most of the options that we have mentioned before, but what makes it different than the others is the fact that here you will find multiple video, image and effect layers.
Besides that you will find audio filters, and chroma key if you happen to use a green screen at any point. It’s not the best video editor, but it is an amazing option for those who want to edit in your phone.

⌨️ Best free video editors for Mac

Now, for those who have a Mac desktop this are some of the best option that we can recommend you:

#1 iMovie:

This is one of the most well-known video editor, and is usually the option that most amateur filmmaker’s have, since here you can edit every video no matter what length and give it a cinematic flair.
And you can do all of this because of the great features that it includes that will make your footage look completely professional.

#2 Hitfilm

This video editor includes things like animation keyframing, motion blur, and a collection of preview options, and a lot more.
But if you want to download this app, you have to know that to be able to do it you have to give the software maker a shout out on social media.

#3 – VideoPad

Here you will find everything you need to edit your videos easily, all you have to do is drag your file and drop it in the app, after that you will be able to add effects, transitions, text and caption overlay.
Besides that you can also find that it has built-in sound effects, color control and even 3D video editing if you are feeling a little more adventurous.

? Best video editors for iPhone

Now, if you want to edit anything from the comfort of your iPhone, here are some of the best options for you:

#1 Splice:

What is so amazing about this video editor is the fact that you can import the files that are in other services like Facebook or Dropbox.
You can edit everything the way that you want, and then you can even create a soundtrack using your iTunes library to help you find the right music, and after that you can add it to the video without trouble.

#2 Videorama

What makes this a great free video editor is the fact that you can pick your video orientations, so it once it is ready it will look perfect wherever you decide to upload it.
You will also be able to use a feature that allows you to download videos and photos from Pixabay and other music and sound effects without copyright that you can add to the video.

#3 Adobe Premier Clip

What makes this a great option for you is the fact that you will have a lot of control over the final video. Here you can find the right exposure, highlight and shadows, to make it look amazing.
And if you want to add music, you can use some of the music you can find in the library or simply add some of your own without too much trouble.

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